Service Station Demolition

Service Station Demolition

Service Station Demolition

A highly professional demolition team is fully equipped to demolish, buildings and superstructures with the minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.  Removal of debris and materials will be in keeping with our recycling and environmental policies.  We are also sensitive to the needs of the general public and local community, we will keep noise and vibration to a minimum and also wash vehicles of mud and dampen down if dusty conditions occur.  This minimises the local and environmental impact of the demolishing process.

Service Station Decommissioning

With a highly experienced team, Crest Environmental Services can carry out all the necessary civil and structural engineering work needed to decommission a service station.  This may include removal or solid filling of the diesel, petrol or oil tanks as requested by the client.  Crest Environmental Services can satisfy stringent environmental checks once the decommissioning of superstructures and tanks has been completed, this is necessary for redevelopment purposes.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Crest Environmental Services has the expertise and experience to understand the individual requirements of its clients. The cleaning of fuel tanks used for storage of petrol, diesel and oil is specialised and should only be carried out by professionals.  Before any projects are undertaken, Crest specialists will scope the work required and plan accordingly, keeping to stringent regulations for health & safety and environmental obligations.  All tanks are inspected for integrity before cleaning commences, the cleaning process includes removal of any contents, use of either foam or water to remove residual chemicals which are then removed and disposed of in accordance with current regulations.  A final inspection and test is carried out prior to a gas certificate being issued, the tank is then rendered redundant by filling with foam or more cost effectively with water.

Removal & Disposal Redundant Fuel Tanks

Industry Company policies are that redundant fuel tanks must be disposed of rather than re-used, for this reason Crest is perfectly positioned to remove and dispose of redundant tanks with expertise and a wealth of experience.  Using hot and cold cutting techniques no tank is too large for Crest to handle.  With health & safety a priority and environmental issues taken into account Crest Environmental Services with complete the removal and disposal of oil, petrol, diesel and other types of redundant storage tanks with efficiency and minimal impact to surroundings.

Excavation of Fuel Tanks

Crest Environmental Services are fully equipped to excavate and remove all types of tank storage and associated pipes and structures.  Enabling an environmentally friendly process, consulting with civil engineers in accordance with CDM regulations and clients requirements.  Fuel tank excavation and removal can be done using hot and cold cutting (using hydraulic shears), this can be an advantage for health & safety considerations and environmental options, not to mention cost saving controls and efficiency.

Fuel Site Decontamination

It is a legal requirement for the land to be tested for contaminates before and after the decommissioning of the service station has been carried out.  Theses results will determine the subsequent needs for excavation of the land.  Any contaminated materials will be disposed of in an approved landfill site, underground barriers can be positioned to prevent any further contamination to adjoining land or property.  Crest Environmental Services have specialist environmental consultants to provide the necessary expertise to carry out all required testing and provision of relevant test results and paperwork.

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BP Testimonial

Crest Environmental BP Testimonial Image
“We would like to commend Crest Environmental Services, for their work during the recent demolition and decontamination of Kwinana’s bulk MFAKMstorage & blending facility.” - Kathleen Lucas, Business Unit Leader - BP Refinery (Kwinana)

Shell Testimonial

Crest Environmental Shell Testimonial Image
“The operation was carried out with the utmost professionalism, with no accidents or incidents, and within the agreed time. A hazardous job well done.” Gary Smith Refinery Manager-Shell Refining (Australia)

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